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Canto11-The Kingdoms And Godheads Of20.802.02.24 06:17:30SunilHis privilege regained of shad1974Savitri Bk II c IX-XI0:43:25 64M44
Canto12-The Heavens Of The Ideal.mp320.602.02.24 06:18:22SunilAt each pace of the journey ma1975Savitri Bk II cXII-XV0:43:03 64M44
Canto10-The Kingdoms And Godheads Of28.102.02.24 06:16:34SunilBut first he met a silver-grey1974Savitri Bk II c IX-XI0:58:37 64M44
Canto 3-The Glory And The Fall Of Li30.702.02.24 06:08:02SunilIn a gallop of thunder-hooved1971Savitri Bk II CIII-IV1:04:06 64M44
Canto 6-Nirvana And The Discovery Of63.002.02.25 05:02:08SunilAbove the cherished head of Sa1992Savitri Bk VII c VI-VII2:11:27 64S44
Canto 7-The Descent Into Night.mp321.502.02.24 06:13:50SunilA charm and sweetness sudden a1973Savitri Bk II c VI-VII0:44:52 64M44
Canto 1-The World-Stair.mp330.102.02.23 11:21:58SunilThere walled apart by its own1970Savitri Bk II C I-II1:02:52 64M44
Canto 1-Towards The Black Void.mp399.602.02.25 05:11:58SunilThen suddenly there came on he1994Savitri Bk IX c I3:27:34 64S44
Canto 2-The Parable Of The Search Fo24.102.02.25 05:55:50SunilAbove her brows where will and1987Savitri Bk VII c I-II0:50:16 64M44
Canto 6-The Kingdoms And Godheads Of38.202.02.24 06:13:06SunilAbove there gleamed a ponderin1973Savitri Bk II c VI-VII1:19:38 64M44
Canto 2-The Growth Of The Flame.mp326.602.02.25 04:39:48SunilA land of mountains and wide s1978Savitri Bk IV c I-II0:55:26 64M44
Canto 5-The Godheads Of The Little L61.702.02.24 06:10:26SunilHe plunged his gaze into the s1972Savitri Bk II C V2:08:35 64M44
Canto 2-The Journey In Eternal Night16.502.02.25 05:13:18SunilThe Woman first affronted the1995Savitri Bk IX c II4:02:53 64S44
Canto 7-The Discovery Of Cosmic Spir29.002.02.25 05:05:18SunilYet all was not extinct in thi1992Savitri Bk VII c VI-VII1:00:34 64S44
Canto 2-The Kingdom Of Subtle Matter31.702.02.24 06:06:10SunilHe came into a magic crystal a1970Savitri Bk II C I-II1:06:05 64M44
Canto14-The World-Soul.mp320.602.02.24 06:20:50SunilIn a far-shimmering background1975Savitri Bk II cXII-XV0:43:07 64M44
Canto 1-The Birth And Childhood Of T45.402.02.25 04:38:38SunilAcross the burning langour of1978Savitri Bk IV c I-II1:34:41 64M44
Canto 3-The Entry Into The Inner Cou88.002.02.25 05:57:06SunilThen Savitri surged out of her1988Savitri Bk VII c III3:03:24 64S44
Canto 9-The Paradise Of The Life-God14.302.02.24 06:15:34SunilA summit and core of all that1974Savitri Bk II c IX-XI0:29:51 64M44
Canto15-The Kingdoms Of The Greater10.202.02.24 06:21:30SunilOn the last step to the supern1975Savitri Bk II cXII-XV0:21:15 64M44
Canto 4-The Kingdoms Of The Little L36.202.02.24 06:09:10SunilAdorer of a joy without a name1971Savitri Bk II CIII-IV1:15:32 64M44
Canto13-In The Self Of Mind.mp312.602.02.24 06:19:18SunilHe stood on a wide arc of summ1975Savitri Bk II cXII-XV0:26:21 64M44
Canto 1-4.mp362.802.02.25 03:24:14SunilThe universe removed its colou1977Savitri Bk III2:10:56 64M44
Canto 1-The Joy Of Union-Ordeal Of T24.402.02.25 05:55:26SunilOnce more she sat behind loud1987Savitri Bk VII c I-II0:50:54 64M44
Canto 5-The Finding Of The Soul.mp387.802.02.25 05:01:14SunilOnward she passed seeking the1990Savitri Bk VII c V3:03:01 64S44
Canto 3-The Call To The Quest.mp328.202.02.25 04:40:30SunilA morn that seemed a new creat1980Savitri Bk IV c III-IV0:58:49 64M44
Canto 4-The Quest.mp339.102.02.25 04:41:22SunilThe world-ways opened before S1980Savitri Bk IV c III-IV1:21:29 64M44
Canto 4-The Secret Knowledge.mp386.602.02.23 09:00:06SunilOn a height he stood that look1967Savitri Bk I CIVa3:00:27 64M44
Canto 5-The Yoga Of The King.mp362.102.02.23 09:06:18SunilThis knowledge first he had of1969Savitri Bk I C V2:09:29 64M44
Canto 1-The Symbol Dawn.mp337.702.02.22 11:14:02SunilIt was the hour before the God1966Savitri Bk I C I1:18:33 64M44
Canto 2-The Issue.mp335.302.02.23 09:52:14SunilAn absolute supernatural darkn1966Savitri Bk I C II1:13:33 64M44
Savitri_book1_canto3.mp310.6 1.11.14 :31:14 G0:44:13 32M22
Savitri - Book III - The Book Of The 6.701.12.08 09:30:400:16:10 56S22
Savitri - Book XI - The Book Of Ever15.601.12.08 09:26:340:37:09 56S22
Savitri.mp3 3.904.02.15 14:35:18
Savitri_book5_canto1.mp310.2 1.11.14 :08:30 G0:42:48 32M22
Canto 1-The Word Of Fate.mp363.202.02.25 05:49:54SunilIn silent bounds bordering the1985Savitri Bk VI c I2:11:45 64M44
Savitri.mp3 0.903.11.13 04:43:320:00:59128S44
Canto 1-The Destined Meeting-Place.m10.302.02.25 04:44:20SunilBut now the destined spot and1982Savitri Bk V c I-II0:21:39 64M44
Canto 3-Satyavan And Savitri.mp369.702.02.25 04:54:22SunilThus Satyavan spoke first to S1983Savitri Bk V c III2:25:19 64M44
Canto 2-Satyavan.mp324.002.02.25 04:45:04SunilAs might a soul on Natures bac1982Savitri Bk V c I-II0:50:09 64M44
Canto 2-The Way Of Fate And The Prob55.002.02.25 05:50:46SunilThen after a silence Narad mad1986Savitri Bk VI c II1:54:41 64M44
Canto 4-The Dream Twilight Of The Ee81.702.02.25 08:25:04SunilOnce more arose the great dest1997Savitri Bk X c IV (1-9)1:25:11128S44
Savitri - Book III - The Book Of The 6.701.12.08 09:30:400:16:10 56S22
Savitri-6.mp3 3.302.08.04 07:47:56SunilThe darkness failed and slippe1966Savitri Bk I C I0:07:03 64M44
Savitri - Book XI - The Book Of Ever15.601.12.08 09:26:340:37:09 56S22
Savitri-3.mp3 06:33:54SunilThen something in the inscruta1966Savitri Bk I C I0:04:38 64M44
Savitri-11.mp3 2.602.08.04 10:56:36SunilThus trapped in the gin of ear1966Savitri Bk I C I0:05:36 64M44
Savitri-8.mp3 1.902.08.04 08:29:20SunilEarth felt the Imperishables p1966Savitri Bk I C I0:04:00 64M44
Savitri-13.mp3 12:37:26SunilAt the summons of her bodys vo1966Savitri Bk I C I0:06:50 64M44

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